How to Choose Bathroom Taps

Whether it’s for your bath, basin or shower, there are loads of different bathroom taps to choose from. While it’s important to have taps that are functional and easy to use, you also want a design that complements the rest of your bathroom. Mondella has a wide range of tapware to suit any space. We’ll give you an overview of what to consider and how to find the right taps for your bathroom.

1. Function first

It’s easy to get caught up with style of your taps, but it’s important to think about how you intend to use them. Consider the type of fixtures you have before you make a choice. Do you want something tall above your basin or do you need it to be wall mounted? Should you have a long spout that extends over your bath? Are they going to stick out too far in your shower?

2. Taps or Mixer

With the prices of taps and mixers being roughly the same, the choice is up to you. It will really come down to the style of your basin or bath.

The main difference is that taps come as a three-piece with a spout, while mixers are an all-in-one unit. The three-piece offers a more traditional look and mixers are suited to modern settings.

The most common taps are crosshead and lever taps. There are a number of variations on these, including pedestal taps, double and single lever taps, and wall mounted taps.

Unlike taps, mixers give you hot and cold water from the one spout. The advantage of this is that you easily can control the temperature of your water flow. They’re also easier to turn on and off with just a gentle push.

3. Compatibility

Taps are sold separately from your fixtures, so you need to make sure they’re compatible. Generic taps will fit generic fixtures, but some are designed to only fit one type.

You also need to think about the position of your taps. Will they be in the middle, off to the side and do they need some space behind? Often these issues don’t come up until installation, so give it some thought beforehand.

4. Mix and match

Taps that match your bathroom’s style will give you a more harmonious look overall. All of Mondella’s taps and mixers have matching products within their family to suit your style. Within each family, every product has been designed to complement one another, making it easy to coordinate your bathroom.

5. Water saving

If you want to do your bit for the environment and save some money, then it’s worth checking the WELS rating on the packaging of your taps. A higher star rating means less water consumption and a lower water bill.